December 8, 2011

Qwe-Be or Baby Craile With a Side of Uncle Licky

Thank you so much for your feedback on my last post! Apologies for going missing. I guess we can get into funks in all areas of our lives!

Today I'm going to do what I do best- go random!

Today's Thursday Things- Randomness Here We Come!!

1. I recently realized that if our baby has a slight speech impediment and can't say her "R"s or her "L"s she may call herself "Qwe" rather than Claire. And hence, "Qwe-be" for Claire Bear.

This led me down the rabbit hole of Uganda. In the south they often interchange "L"s and "R"s. So..

A Southern Ugandans may not bat an eyelash if you call the capital city of Kampala- Kampara etc. Termites can be tulmites etc. You get the idea.

We have lovely friends Brenda and Ricky who worked down there and they often got called "Blenda and Licky". You can imagine the fun that brought about.

So our little Qwe-be could hence be called- Craile.

Just sayin'.

2. Magically my baby just "knows" when I sit on the couch. I can stand by her crib for an hour and she won't peep. But the minute I make it down the long hall, and finally plop on the couch... Well.. you know what happens then. Crying ensues.

3. I may do away with the commenting feature for a bit. It won't be permanent because I love to hear from you!!! But it will be for a short time because, well, I LOVE to hear from you! And sometimes it drives what I post and write too much for comfort. You get me?

4. Pinterest is a dirty rabbit hole to fall into and I finally took the plunge! You should see the crazy ideas I've gotten....

5. Today we tried to make Christmas ornaments baby hand prints and foot molds. "Press the baby's hand into the mold for 60 seconds." Ha!

And now I know that my baby doesn't look ooey gooey things, being still, doing what I want her to AND that she can do a raking and grasping action with both her hands AND her toes.

Mold? Fail.

6. I have been dairy free for almost 4 months. Rice milk is normal for me now. Never thought I'd live to see the day. The one thing I really really miss?? Icing! When I quit breastfeeding I may have to hold up a Krispy Kreme...

7. Our little baby has started grabbing her feet and playing with them like crazy. She reaches for everything; cups, plates, glasses, hair..

8.  I went to a craft store and crossed off a list I've had going for quite a while. This, more than paying taxes and having a mortgage, makes me feel like a grown up.

9.  We got a sound machine that has more sounds and is louder than our other. Greatest current purchase by far.

10.   Sometimes I really really miss being in the classroom.  And for no reason other than that it's fun.

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