December 19, 2011

No guilt in life.. no fear in death...

I found out today that Vaclav Havel died... I am deeply saddened by this news. He was an icon of optimism and unity for the Czech Republic for the years I spent there.  And then I learned that North Korea's Kim Jong Ill also died, whose life was quite the opposite,  which may impact people we know and love in South Korea as well.

All of this on the tale end of some very sad personal news that we are processing from Karamoja.

All of these things have taken me back to the drawing board of my heart... to sort through the files of recent thoughts and priorities.

And this is on my mind: (No guilt in life/No fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me.)
What does this look like in real life for me?

No guilt in life.. no fear in death...

What might it look like for you?

Christ is key.

Through Christ.

In Christ.

Christ alone...

He is the cornerstone on which all of my world view is built.

Without Him?



Today I have only thoughts to share. No answers or anecdotes. I have a heart full of sadness and consideration...

And a heart that longs for less chaff.

...and more of the eternal.

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