December 28, 2011

First Christmas in Pictures

Merry Christmas friends!

This time last year I kept telling Jacob (and myself) that by next Christmas we would have a little baby. It was so hard to believe and even harder to imagine. And now Claire's first Christmas has come and gone! It was such a special time and as such we took lots of pictures!

Our Christmas in a candy-filled nutshell.

Hanging out with old and making new little friends...
With baby Hays.. how cute is he?!

Our first "taste" of Starbucks. She is now reaching for EVERYTHING. Life is sure to change! This was a Starbucks visit with sweet former students and sweet former colleague. :)
A Christmas party in which we left Claire for the first time with other people. It's safe to say I was a bit of a nervous mess. There was a white elephant gift exchange and Chris and Amanda definitely ended up with the most coveted prize- the Saved by the Bell game!
Everyone at the soiree sans kids.
Visiting Susan for the first time!
Working feverishly on Claire's stocking (and overstuffing the snowman).
Family shopping at Sprouts.
Daddy and Claire.. Two precious peas in a pod.

Seeing Nan on Christmas Eve before we left...
Snowy road up north.
Taking a break on the road to kiss that precious little head.

With Grandma and Pa Pa Reed!
And Uncle John and Aunt B!

Claire's finished stocking by Grandma Reed. She's faster than me!
Opening Christmas presents....
Claire got a book of Bible promises and prayers read by her grandparents. She loved it SO much she wanted to eat it!
And a baby Einstein turtle from Aunt B and Uncle John. She loved it so much she wanted to eat it too!

And with Grandma!

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