December 29, 2011

Christmas '11 Wrap Up

 This Christmas holiday will always be a special one in our memories because it was our first Christmas with little Claire.

She had her first snow.. got left with friends for the first time  (see her and Benz above during a baby coop swap. Read: Free Babysitting!). :) Thanks loads Heidi and Buzzy!
 We got to watch her enjoy people and new surroundings... Here she is with her sweet Aunt B.
 Explore the world and be loved on by grandparents... And spend time with little friends (below with Maggie Rose).
And I successfully made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas completely dairy free (read- NO desserts...). It's nothing short of a Christmas miracle, especially if you know me well.

And now it's time to look back and then look ahead! I'm thinking through what our last year entailed (it was a lot!) and what I hope for in the new year.
God Bless &Merry Christmas friends! ~


Ronnie said...

Those first Christmas' are so special and I am so glad you were able to cherish them!!! Babysitting Swapping - AWESOME!!! I must say I do enjoy that we are at the stage in life that our kids are ok by themselves for our date nights though! Ha ha - took us about 13 years to get there but we made it!

The Reeds said...

It was so special! 13 years? A-yay-yay! We have a long way to go before there is some semblance of "normal" huh?! :)

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