December 28, 2011

Baby's First Christmas & Boxing Day

While up with Grandma and Pa Pa Reed Claire got some good lovin'...
 Here she is teething on a red bell pepper (the yellow and orange were equally as appealing!).
 Loving on Aunt B.
 The new family at Christmas(the tired parents and rested little girl).
 The soon to be married Aunt B and Uncle John!
 Claire's footprint for Grandma's gift.
 Out on a chilly walk. She was NOT impressed with this snowsuit.
 Sour green apples are HANDS DOWN the favorite teething toy.
 Gettin' lovin' from Aunt B. She loves it (and loooves bath time too)!
 So happy! Plenty of people to hold her all weekend long.
 Posing with daddy.
 With Great Grandma Cole.
 And back home riding upright and forward facing for the first time ever!

We stayed with everyone for three days and had a lot of fun. The rest of the family couldn't make it because of snowy and icy roads. So we ate all of the turkey and ham ourselves. The day we left we went by and visited Great Grandma Cole.

It's almost the end of 2011.. Time to make some New Year's Resolutions!


Brandon and April said...

The bath in the sink picture is seriously precious!! She is so adorable. Is it too soon to begin talking arranged marriage?!?! :)

The Reeds said...

Oh April- I like the way you think! We are right on time for that!!! ;)

Jay and Amy said...

I am so glad to see pictures of you! YOu look great! And she is precious. I love the footprint, I might have to do that with Zeb.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Amy! I used the cheap ink from Hobby Lobby that was kid safe. :)

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