December 17, 2011

5 Months Old!

Our little Claire Bear is 5 months old!

Sometimes I think it would be silly to document little things because they don't seem that important. Then I look back and realize she is doing a whole slew of new things that.. of course... haven't been documented!

She's flipping and flopping which means we have a roller on our hands! Which also means she's sleeping on her tummy half of the time now.

 Her big trick is grabbing her paci and trying to jam it in her own mouth with a 50% success rate.

Today our baby is on a nap strike. I think little creatures come into her room at night and coach her on how to exhaust her parents and keep them confused. Because she's good at it!

Jack Daniel Spaniel
Yesterday I had her in a stroller and Fuzz and Daisy hooked to the stroller running beside me. We passed a house and a man's Jack Russel ran barking at Daisy. The man started yelling so when I got closer I apologized for my dog.

He said, "Don't worry, we have a Jack Daniel Spaniel too."

Interesting. I know where his mind must have been! I have never in all my days heard a Jack Russel called that!

Our five month picture.

I had plans to dress her up in a cute outfit with a bow... but the best laid schemes of mice and men right?
So here we are in old worn jammies!

You can see our old pictures here.

Claire Bear, this month:
-you started sitting up for 10-15 seconds alone!
-you have continued standing on your little legs every chance you get
-you started sleeping unswaddled and on your side (and occasionally tummy)
-you can put your own paci in and can find it in your crib.. mostly...
-you started passing objects from one hand to the other (as of yesterday!)
-you have started sleeping a little better.. as we tried to let you cry it out for five minute increments.. and quit..then started the pick up put down method of Baby Whisperer.. and quit.. and then the "shh-pat" method. You have at least started going to bed in your crib without being rocked to sleep
- you experienced your first snow! Being the great mommy I am I took you out for a picture... Mothers of the Year get themselves all bundled up and then take their babies out in little jogging suits...
Oops! Bad Mommy-Cold Baby
- you wake up... regularly.. and tell us ALL about it...
-you went to TWO birthday parties! The mustache bash for Brighton and Benz (the picture of the boys is blurry!),
and for Emma Kate. You had no idea what was going on but you love people and love being out and about
Here you are with Kristin and the birthday girl is in the background. The theme was "Tangled" and was soo cute! (That's a yellow "braid" hanging through the entire room and then dangling in a corner.)
-you reach for food when we eat.. according to my grandma we should feed you whatever you reach for... I'm not ready for that!

On the topic of grandmas, it's been really interesting to hear the advice of older generations and to see some patterns.

Advice from Older Generations
Here's some advice we've gotten:
My mom, dad and your Paw paw Reed  have all said the same thing in response to me saying, "Who do you think she looks like?" They have all said, "She looks like Claire!"

Point taken.

My grandma and Jacob's grandma have interestingly said the exact same things multiple times.

"Put that baby down- babies get sore being held all of the time."
"Let that baby lay on the floor and kick- it's the best thing for them."
And from my grandma, "When that baby starts acting interested when you cook food then you should start giving her food!"

Sadly, I read the same advice in my La Leche book yesterday (for babies older than 6 months).. It will just make you seem so grown up though!

And one last note on grandmas.

Jacob takes you to the store in the carrier and every woman born before 1940 cannot help but "oooh", "aaah" and come over and say something about how precious you two are. I have seen this with my own eyes.

I have tried this myself with you and NO TAKERS. Funny huh?  A man and a baby in a carrier must be a sight to behold!

Claire, you are a lot of work and have led to many many sleepless nights (I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight since you've been born!) but man are you worth it!!!


The Miersma Family! said...

you are a great mommy!!! and evidence God's abounding grace!

The Reeds said...

Aw thanks Jennifer!! :) You are too- and a great example I'm watching. I don't know how you do it!!

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