December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap Up

I always love having J home for the holidays! So much more gets done when there's two of us.

Yesterday I spent what seems like the entire day printing pics and catching up on Claire's baby album and baby book(s). They love me at CVS because I am apparently keeping them in business!

It's that time of year to take in to account what your last year held and what you want the next year to hold.

In some ways this has been the greatest year ever. In others it has been really really challenging.

Either way, here were some memorable moments of 2011.
- announcing we were pregnant
-emergency surgery (a.k.a. the big bummer of 2011) (Losing My Omentum: The Unexpected and Faith part I, II and  III)
-baby showers  (student showers and colleagues) And yet another from friends that never made the blog.. yikes!
-Taking Turkish Cooking Lessons
-Taking Birth Classes with the best dad in the world!
-Taking a Photography Workshop
-Having a Doula!
- becoming a stay at home mom!!!
-floating in a pool while as big as a whale
-giving birth!
-The Debut of Claire Grace
- Claire's first Thanksgiving.
-Claire's first Christmas (Part 1 and Part 2)

I'm excited for a wonderful 2012!

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