December 31, 2011

2011 in Pics

Some randomness to close out the year!

Some memorable images/moments/blog posts from 2011...

Jacob and I are doing a media fast for the month of January. The only other time I did this I was single and could live without media pretty easily. I was out and about all the time. Now.. well... I watch a lot of movies while I nurse or am just home alone...

And once Claire goes down for the night it's our "go to" activity. Anyone will agree that t.v. is a life sucker.. but it's an addicting and easy life sucker. So I've prepared my line of defense and sat down and made a list of "go to" things for when I'm bored and tempted..

That little list grew.. and grew.. and grew.. and got up to 80 things! Like, finish books, pray (number one), write people, sew, paint things, organize my closet, wash the dogs, hang out with friends, go for walks, play games etc.

I realized quickly that many things on this list are things that I've been "meaning to get around to" for a few years...

I will post here intermittently but will not watch any movies or tv and will not use facebook. I will let you know how it goes!

New things for a new year:
I am a resolution maker. Here are some serious ones:
1. floss (I got out of the habit with morning sickness...)
2. exercise (of course)
3. read my Bible.. por supuesto
4. pray every day at a morning scheduled prayer time
5. take part in the 365.. I'm taking the plunge to try and take a picture every day.
6. Work through "Whiter Than Snow" with my accountability group
7. Do the new Beth Moore Bible Study at church. Anyone care to join me!? Lodema? Bessie Ann?
Some not so serious resolutions from here with my commentary:
1. Keep it to myself that I have issues with authority when being interviewed by a cop.
2. Spend less than $1825 for coffee at Starbucks this year and instead spend it all on mochas.
3.  Lose weight by hiding it somewhere you'll never find it like under a moo-moo.

I'm so excited for all that the new year holds!

Happy New Years!! 

Do you have any resolutions (serious or not?)


Ronnie said...

YEAH for a media fast!!! That's awesome. One of my goals this year is to spend as much if not more time with people face to face than on facebook...been really convicted about my lack of interacting with other people in real life rather than "online".
Love the hiding the weight! Ha ha ha! Taking a picture all 365 days - that sounds like a fun challenge! Thanks for the idea! I took some today, so good to go!

The Reeds said...

I totally agree Ronnie! Good luck with your pictures. I think it will be a fun thing to look back at! (even if it ends up being much less than 365!)

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