November 19, 2011

The Run Around- a post of randomness and confusion

Greetings friends!

It's a gorgeous autumn Saturday in the United States. The economy is declining and young people can't get jobs. 30 somethings are losing their jobs and are in some tight spots...

But farmers still wave when I pass them on country roads, and neighbors smile and coo at our baby. Bedraggled shoppers at Wal Mart stop and comment on our baby or the weather. So life just moves on.

Playa lakes are drying up as the drought stretches into our future. But the geese who are gathered at its shrinking edges look beautiful and carry on migrating regardless of weather changes.

God is in control.

If you're like me, this post has confused the poo out of you and you can't decide if it's meant to encourage or spin you into a depression... 

Let me know what you decide. As for me, I'm just writing it as I see it.

Speaking of those geese, every time I pass the park down the road from us I first lament at the shriveled edges, then praise God at the gorgeous geese. I'm a nature-dork like that and think there could be an illness which means, "one who loves nature entirely too much". I keep telling myself it will be worth it to take my little baby and go jog by all of those geese passing through. Birds... That last part of nature that is unharnessed by us. I love them.

Which brings me to my next unharnessed point: running.

Did you know that I'm running again? That's right. Me and the road have made up long last. It's been a tumultuous love affair riddled with break ups and cold shoulders.

I am committed to pounding off the pounds that pregnancy, hormones and Dairy Queen conspired to plaster to me for life. Little did they know who they were messing with. I'm determined and committed.

So pound away I will.

Running: a privilege not everyone has and that is frowned upon or confusing in many parts of the world.

Here- it's just plain good.

the little girl in the yellow jacket

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