November 26, 2011

Overall Cuteness

Hello friends and foes,
Just kidding. I hope...

Well the holiday season is officially upon us. Today we cleaned house, put up a tree and lights and I cooked up a roast. It was scrumptious. I also made a homemade apple pie and mashed cauliflower. This makes me feel absolutely domesticated- like a cat in early Egypt or a turkey in modern day America.

But I digress.

It's so easy to be happy and in a great mood when there is at least one person in your house who can rock a pair of overalls. 
 and a wonky hat...
 We braved the supermarket the day before Thanksgiving and Claire got many "oohs" and "ahs". You can see why.
Exhibit A.
  (Though I wouldn't be surprised if people were "oohing" at my husband.. I mean.. He's pretty awesome.)

Exhibit B.

She is adorable.

I rest my case  your honor.

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