November 16, 2011

Just Like Daddy!

Fall is so beautiful! The birds are going bonkers outside and the sun is shining. Leaves are finally turning orange and brown, making our walks gorgeous.

This morning we got up and went straight to our four month well check. Little Claire smiled and cooed and was having such a great time all stretched out on the paper of the examining table.

Then this nurse came and stuck her with a needle that was seriously as long as my baby's leg is wide. :( It's so hard to watch her little face register the shock and start to cry when she was so happy.

But she quickly recovered and even managed to smile at people in the elevator. She's such a good girl! (when it's not nap time that is...)

Now we're at home sleeping it out and hoping to feel better soon.

Four Month Stats:
weight- 13 pounds (35 percentile)
height- 26 inches (long!) (95 percentile!)

So.. what does that mean? Our little pumpkin is taller than 95% of her peers and skinnier than most of her peers too (even the short ones.. agh!).

This means she DEFINITELY is taking after daddy and not mommy!! :P

Go out and enjoy a walk this fine fall day, I know we will!

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