November 23, 2011

Claire Grace Second Month Video

I am obviously very behind. But for family and friends who are interested, here is Claire Grace's second video. Remember the first? If you didn't see it or need a reminder, it's at Claire's First Month Video.

She's changed a lot since this video! It actually has made it more fun to go back and look at all of these knowing how much she has already changed.

I hope it loads for you! Claire loves standing on her little legs, grabbing at hair and pacis (as well as trying to put the paci in her own mouth), and she loves a cuddle. She has started grabbing Fuzz's hair and yanking. Good for us he's such a sweet boy who's just glad to get some attention!

So though it's two months late, here's her second video!

I am working on catching up with month 3-4 as quickly as I can. I've already printed pictures for her album and am trying to keep it all up to speed so I won't reach 12 months and be totally behind.

*Note- I made each of these videos as small as possible so they will hopefully load more quickly for you. So they will be highly grainy and pixellated. Sorry! I don't recommend watching them in the expanded screen.

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