November 24, 2011

Baby's First Thanksgiving

Today was Claire Grace's first Thanksgiving! It was such a blessing to get to be with family and for her to especially get to spend time with her great grandma and papa. It's such a blessing to see them interact with her.

We left early after a late night of making mashed potatoes (I backed out on the planned mashed cauliflower), a dairy free pumpkin pie (I'm the only person who even had a piece!) and brussel sprouts and broccoli.

Not only am I the aunt who gives books for Christmas but I'm also the aunt who shows up to Thanksgiving with only veggies (no cheese) and dairy free mashed taters.. Yum!

Side story: our first Christmas back I made EVERYONE a jar of either dried soup mix or dried cookie mix. They were big jars so they were in big bags. We hosted Christmas that year and the tree was packed with these packages. The kids were going out of their mind with excitement.

Then when they opened their dried soup jars my nephew actually kept pulling out tissue paper and said, "Is that it?!"

Yep. I know just how to make the season jolly!

It seems that each time we visit grandparents or great grandparents Claire does something entirely new (two weeks ago while visiting Jacob's grandma Claire just started to stand and now will hardly sit in someone's lap!). Today she just reached down and grabbed her foot and started to suck her toe!
When we were kids anytime ANYONE said "so" in ANY way shape or form we always sang,
"So, so suck your toe 
All the way to Mexico!
While you're there
Comb your hair
And don't forget your underwear!"

We felt like we were totally clever.

I'm sure it was totally annoying.

Aside from her new found skill of toe-sucking, she also just practically rolled from her back to her tummy but stopped just short.

And last, but not least, Claire has made small little giggles- but while at the great grands she just started laughing out loud and giggling!
(When I can figure out how to upload the video of her giggling I will add it instantly!)

I can't even begin to express how euphoric and happy this makes me feel. It's the greatest feeling of my life...

On our way home we came within inches of hitting a very large deer. We swerved and just missed her. We took a huge sigh of relief and counted our blessings once more.

Happy Thanksgiving- May you realize how many your blessings really are.

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