November 18, 2011

Baby Hijacked Blog. Baby Hijcaked Life.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a baby has hijacked our blog. Not just a baby mind you, but a tiny version of myself and my husband, who smiles with little dimples and makes us euphorically happy whether she's giggling or farting. And really, it's not by her choice or design but rather it has simply happened.

This however is more a sign of the fact that said baby, has indeed hijacked our lives. I haven't slept more than five hours straight since I was probably seven months pregnant, when all of the excess weight Dairy Queen forced onto my frame made sleeping nearly impossible. And now, while the little darling human does sleep, I lay awake in nervous adrenaline driven fear that if I DO fall asleep, she will peep immediately after.

Thus, I'm sleep deprived in this baby hijacked life I now lead.

Babies hijack our lives perhaps by design, so that we are reminded that we are not in control in any way shape or form though we like to spend our twenties convincing ourselves that we do have some semblance of control.

Babies hijack our lives to remind us that life goes on, whether we are on board with it or not. And our pasts, for better or worse, matter very little. Babies are forward facing (in all regards outside of a car seat) and gear us to the future and a new generation.

Babies hijack our lives to throw us out of our egocentric ways.

And the ironic thing is, that babies hijack your life before they even exist. The thought of a baby can hijack your life. I figured our lives would drastically change when this little bundle erupted onto the scene. What I wasn't prepared for was how our lives changed the instant we decided we were ready to try for this little bundle.

And in a heartbeat everything changes. The tide turns and the camera pans away from you and to the waiting empty seat of future offspring. And in that moment: life changes.

From the hoping, to the early morning runs for pregnancy tests, your relationship already has one more person impacting it.

So really, don't blame me that a baby has hijacked this blog, blame the cute little toot with the dimple.

Hijacker extraordinaire- Baby Reed


Mike and Emily said...

This is a beautiful blog! Your words are so true!! And that little gal at then end is adorable. Seriously, Georgia, she is so pretty!

The Reeds said...

Aw thanks Emily!! She is such a blessing!

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