October 16, 2011

Road Trip - Rankin

Claire and I took our first solo road trip this weekend.

To start it off I broke routine from my bland breastfeeding diet and had an Olympian smoothie and with.. drum roll please.. a shot of wheat grass with a chaser of orange juice.

My verdict? Wheat grass is supposedly VERY good for you and actually didn't taste bad. But after a few seconds I could taste the strong after kick and the chaser made sense.

We went to a breastfeeding support group at the hospital where Claire was born.

Then we went to the cutest shower ever where I didn't manage to snap one single picture because someone was fussy and tired from crying on the highway... I won't name names though!

We met great grandparents and has such a great time taking pictures of old pictures...

And on this trip Claire started reaching for toys with both hands and started somehow scooting herself in a complete 180 turn while on a blanket!

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ohappydaisy said...

I LOVE wheatgrass. If I could find the seeds, I would totally grow my own. I can't find it here, but have it every day when we are in Thailand. I have pills of it I can take here. I think it helps me. Did it help you?

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