October 20, 2011

National Day on Writing and Regression

Hi friends,
Well today is officially the National Day on Writing. Did you know that? Do you write? I don't always write but I always WANT to write. Does that count for much? I'm glad Mark Twain and Shakespeare were:
a. more talented
b. more disciplined

than I am!

It has suddenly gotten cold and it is a blast getting to wrap up my little pumpkin in coats and things. Since she's turned three months she really does seem to be such a different happy little baby. I really felt like I had it all figured out.

I've heard that just when you think you've gotten it figured out is when it changes...

And it has! She is impossible to get to sleep right now! It's made for some interesting days. She insists on being rocked and soothed EVERY time she wakes up. And she wakes up often and doesn't nap or sleep well... What was your method? How do you guys feel about crying it out or the opposite attachment parenting? Just wondering!

Getting to take Claire to meet my grandparents was so special for me and I hope to get to spend a lot more time with them.

We spent our last afternoon there just sitting outside and visiting. It's so nice!


Ronnie said...

I would think that at 3 months I would perhaps let her cry for a time - 15 min max though. She's still needing momma for a time but I would gradually let her cry longer and longer (easier said than done though) LOL! You don't want to get to the point where she knows that if she cries she gets picked up - Ha ha! Isn't parenting fun!

Anonymous said...

We LOVED Baby Whisperer's Pick up/Put down method. It was a lot of work for me for three days straight--The first night she cried for at least 3-4 hours while training her, but at least I was with her, helping her understand. And after three days, she stopped crying . . . she would wake up cooing and giggling. Loved it. If you choose to do it, you have to keep at it those three days without giving in.

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Our babysitter used cry it out with Madeline and while it broke my heart to think about it, I am forever grateful for it! Madeline is a great sleeper and has a schedule now. She goes to sleep on her own and takes good naps (well at least one for us). Before I took her to daycare her naps we not to consistent ans it sos throw my whole day off. I will start it much sooner with baby #2.

Lindsey said...

For what it's worth, in my world, right around the time they hit four months, I had a much better idea of WHEN they needed to eat and WHEN they needed to sleep, so I was much more comfortable with letting them cry it out once I was positive about those things.

I also came to the conclusion that I'd rather let a five-month-old cry for 45 minutes than let a five-WEEK-old cry for 20. I didn't want to create major bad habits but at such a young age, I'd rather err on the side of being a little too "mushy" than a little too "hard."

So...with a baby about Claire's age, my goal was for that baby to take one nap in the crib per day--and if the other ones were in the car or swing-induced or nursing-induced, so be it. And if that one didn't happen, that's okay. I just tried.

And then around 4-5 months, sleep training really began! And worked! I let them cry then and felt very little guilt. Their nervous systems seemed calmer (not all those hiccups and startles! and I knew they were full and sleepy). My kids are all great sleepers now.

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