October 6, 2011

Hands and Mr. Flower Pot Head

Hello all!

I hope you won't mind if I go on longer about Claire. I think I should write posts about oh.. you know.. ANYTHING else. But then I think of things I want to share with family and friends far away and things I don't want to forget... So I hope you'll indulge me!

Claire Bear,
Have you really only been with us just over two months? It feels like you've always been a part of our lives. We've learned so much about you and your little personality and already laugh at things we did in the first few weeks. I'm sure we'll laugh in a few years at what we're doing now too!

Today you found your hands. You've played with them for awhile, but this morning a full fledged love affair broke out in your crib. I left you there as I ran to change and you ignored everything else with flashing lights and music and just stared intently and happily at your little clenched fist. When I came back you were still just as enthralled.

Your little clenched fist.
Last night you woke up when we returned from our church small group. We normally try to keep everything subdued in the evenings and we interact very little with you to show you it is night. But last night Jacob said, "I know I should not talk to her- but when I came in I said, 'Hi!' and she said as clear as ever, 'Hi!' in the same way!"

I've heard you do this spot on mimicry a few times and then seem like a kook when I try to get people to hear you do it and you just smile or drool.

So since you were in high mimicry fashion I started kissing your little face and you would giggle and screech. I began to say, "I love you!" and as CLEAR AS DAY you said, "I oobb uuuuu!!" in the same tone. Jacob and I looked at each other in complete shock and disbelief. Where is the camera when you need it?! I flipped out and did a silent victory dance and it so freaked you out that you quit cooing and "talking" altogether for the night.

On Sunday for church your daddy went to change your diaper while I got ready and he surprised me by getting you dressed! It was the cutest thing ever. You were like a modern little Rainbow Bright!
Love love love it! Here is with his handy work.

And then you guys got to spend some quality coo time together. :)

Daddy doing your "cycle" legs. You love this.
 Here you are in love with Mr. Flower Pot Head. It's just a polka dotted flower pot on top of the bookshelf who you have started giving all of your smiles away too! You flirt with this flower pot ALL the time now! It doesn't matter where we have you turned, you find Mr. Flower Pot Head (as we call him).
And this face is when you've had enough!

You cute thing. We love you!


Brandon and April said...

oh just keep going on about her! she's gorgeous!!
love the print of the blanket she's laying on...too cute!
Can't wait for Caleb to find his hands...hoping that means he'll also find his thumb and be able to pacify himself for awhile! :)

Jay and Amy said...

The boys came running up the other morning while I was in the shower, yelling, "Mom! Mom! Zeb just said hi to me after I said hi to him!
It was fun when we were discovering those things ourselves. Now it's just as fun to watch them discover those things with their little brother. They are so enthralled and fascinated that he mimics them. This is the fun time. They are still immobile, and so much more aware!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

That look is so cute! Oh my she is adorable! You are giving me baby fever! I am telling you, it just keeps getting more and more fun with each month!

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