October 13, 2011

Claire Three Month Growth in Pictures

You're three months old today!! I can hardly believe it.

- you like to play with your hands
-you smile and coo when you're eating
-you cry or laugh when we leave or come in a room
-you reach for things
-you are very attentive to everything that's going on around you
-you startle easily!
- you travel VERY well
-you are 12 pounds 9 ounces (not sure of length)
-0-3 month pants are about two inches too short
-6 month pants are the perfect length and way too big around!
-I love that even these pictures show your progression from fussy to a happy little baby! Praise the Lord!!!

Happy Three Months!

 At two months...

At one month...

At one day...

Outtakes from our three month pics/other faves

P.S. you're still in love with Mr. Plant Pot Head


Jen said...

Love her sweet smiles!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

I love how in the last pic it looks like she is putting her around on the bee's shoulder- like in a side hug. So cute! Glad she is a happy baby now! Love those smiles!

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