October 30, 2011

Baby's First Halloween

This Halloween was full of church activities.

Our small group had a crab boil and ordered crabs from Maryland (or Maine? I forget).

Everyone looked like they loved them! Our own lovely Dona from the East Coast gave a tutorial on how to best eat them. I had never heard of eating them with vinegar before.

 I didn't partake because of the possible shellfish allergies. But Claire and I had a good time visiting with friends! The idea was to dress for "beach" fun but it was pretty cold so only little Claire was dressed in her first ever swimsuit (complete with warm little leggings!).
 We saw good friends and visited a lot.

After that we went to the church for Trunk or Treat. Instead of kids going door to door, people from church pull their cars up in the parking lot and fill their trunks with candy. The kids then all dress up and go from car to car.
 Never having had kids I had never been and frankly it always sounded a little lame. But it was So. Much. Fun!
(Smore's- what a great idea!)
There were games, a bouncy house and cute costumes galore! What a GREAT idea!

Have I ever mentioned how much we love our church?

Little Claire was a puppy!! And the cutest little puppy ever.

Too bad it was close to bed time and meltdown time!


Jen said...

She's such a cute puppy! Love the s'more costume!

Jay and Amy said...

I just read your additions to your birth story. THe reason you were the only one walking is because everyone else had an epidural!
I was so mad when at noon I was walking up and down the hall (& by some weird fluke had to wait that long for the wireless monitor because some other crazy lady was going natural too and had the birth ball and birth bullet-don't ask, I don't know-and the wireless monitor. Go figure, I had to give birth on the only day another crazy person in teh city would be going natural too.) Anyway,as I walked the halls, this man said, "Oh, my daughter just started to deliver," and I had checked in with her, and I wasn't even in labor yet! I was so mad! But I had to remind myself, she got hoked up to pitocin and got an epidural, and I was trying to do this all natural.
ANd the backwards diaper cracks me up! The first time Benjamin changed Zeb's diaper he put it on backwards. I thought it was funny and asked, didn't you think it was a litle hard to attach the diaper on his back? LOL! I guess it works either way though. That must make more sense in a male mind or something.

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