September 21, 2011

Remembering the Good: Claire Talk

Good morning!
(Total baby cuteness! Classic Claire, crazy happy when she firsts wakes up from a good sleep.)

Well, I posted the other day about "getting real" and it was a pretty bummer post. Sorry. (Bummer, but true!). Some days are simply hard. But then there are good days. Last night Claire, you slept for almost six hours and then ate and went back to sleep. I am so so so grateful. Praise the Lord! I've been trying to use the E.A.S.Y. approach from Baby Whisperer. Before I had read all of these books and just took what I wanted and discarded what I wanted. Apparently I was discarding too many naps, or giving up too quickly.

Note: E- Eat, A- Activity, S- Sleep, Y- Your time as baby sleeps. Currently Claire is on a 3 hour schedule of about an hour and a half of awake time and an hour and a half of sleep time give or take. 

Poor thing has been exhausted half of the time.

According to her baby types- Claire is a little touchy which makes perfect sense. She gets overstimulated and then can't sleep.  In other ways she is not touchy, more textbook, but in her sleep she is definitely touchy (naturally wants a long morning nap and almost no others).

I am trying this schedule because apparently touchy babies like consistency, which is not my strong suit.

Needless to say- I'm swaddling you, like a tight little chimichanga, burrito, or samosa, depending on where you live, and even got you to take a paci (which I don't know how I feel about) by rubbing your little cheek.

This morning I swaddled you up tight for a nap and could not for the life of me, find your paci anywhere. I searched all over and finally went to get another. And then as I was holding you I found the first paci- firmly and safely between your shoulder blades- tightly swaddled up.

Super mom!

So we've had more days that are not full of screams and when you do I feel like I hear them and know what they mean. I hear your "tired" scream and realize that I had been overstimulating you before. Oops! Live and learn.

Caire speaks?
And this morning while you were in your happy talk zone I said, "Uh-oh, Uh-oh" and you said a long drawn out (and adorable) "Uhhhhh-ooooohh". Then I said, "I love you!" and you said a long and drawn out (and unarticulated) "Aaayyy ooooo uuuuuuuuuu"... Be still my beating heart you cute little thing.

Today was a day of many firsts and I love when you mimic me like that!

Remembering the good,
Mommy Bear

P.S. in case it wasn't already clear, my side bar has categories that are sized according to the number of posts in that category. Guess which category is growing daily?... Hint: It starts with a "B" and ends with an "aby".


Christi said...

Love that picture! So cute. I'm glad you are finding something that works for you. Isn't being a parent the most humbling job??

The Kowals said...

What a blessing! Chris and I prayed for you last night but more specifically for Claire to have a great night and give you some sweet rest. Loved seeing her two days in a row and getting to spend time with you today. It was such fun.

Brandon and April said...

she's so adorable. that toof-less grin is just precious.
about pacis...I've decided that the battle you'll endure when the paci is taken away is worth that sanity that it can give you. This is why I've been forcing it upon Caleb while simultaneously enduring Salem's slow withdrawals! It's just simply worth it. :)

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