September 30, 2011

Operation Nappy: Day Two

So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm on a bland breastfeeding diet for one week to see if Claire improves.

If she doesn't improve then I know that it is not my diet that is effecting her. I've already been off dairy for a month as I've said, so it's out of our systems.

So on a diet of: rice, squash, sweet potatoes and pears alone- how can I make sure I'm getting enough vitamins and calories?

Babyfit! Babyfit is for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and is a part of Sparkpeople, which is a free service.

You sign up and plug in your food intake.

It gauges water intake.
Tracks all you have eaten.

And gives you your weekly progress with daily vitamin levels such as folate, iron, calcium etc. As well as calories. My breastfeeding goal is within 2100 and 2400 calories.

This has given me the confidence that I'm getting the nutrients I need as well as the calories to keep my milk production up.
So that's all I have for today!

Off I go to peel some winter squash and make some sweet potato fries!


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

That is a great site! Thanks for charing! I wish I had known about this when I was nursing! And.. with this new diet, it sounds like losing weight is going to be a piece of... um.. kale chips. (don't want to tempt you... )Those kale chips sound good! Might have to try it. Have you been to for dairy free ideas and substitutes? I love rice milk. In fact, since I've made the switch, I don't think I will ever go back to dairy.

The Reeds said...

I hope you enjoy the site! I can't believe it's free. :) And I started to love Rice milk when I tasted it for what it was and quit comparing it to milk. It's great that I can still get my calcium in for the day!

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