September 13, 2011

Claire Two Month Growth in Pictures

Claire Bear! You are growing so much!

Today you are two months old! You are over 11 pounds and over 23 /12 inches long.
You are so much more aware now and you always smile when you wake up or when you see us. You like movement.. constant movement. You don't want someone to hold you while they sit down but you want to go go go and see see see. You also instantly calm down the minute we go outside and the minute you hit your changing pad.

Your Paw Paw Reed puts you in the "water wagon" as he rocks you and you LOVE it.

Here you are in your Canadian Cutie shirt sent from Michelle in Canada. It's fun because your daddy is from a small town called Canadian. And you are after all- our cutie. ;)

Comparison for fun
2 months...                           1 month...                          1 day...

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