September 19, 2011

Claire Bear Goes Out and Meets Family

Your second month is panning out to be interesting!

Your grandma Reed (Nan) came to visit last weekend so daddy and I could go out on a date. We went to the closest restaurant and ate as quickly as we could. We just couldn't wait to get back to you!

The weekend before there was a Beth Moore conference here in town so your Paw Paw and Grandma Reed came and Aunt Bessie and her NEW FIANCEE came too! So you got to meet your new Uncle John. It was a lot of fun and so so wonderful to all be together.

And now that you're two months old we're just taking you everywhere. While everyone was in town we took you to your first church service. You were awesome! You loved the music, slept through the sermon and only started fussing right at the end because you were hungry. We were so proud. You wore a little cherry outfit with a knit cherry hat that said, "picked with love".

Congratulations Aunt Bessie and Uncle John!

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