September 10, 2011

Baby's Got it Figured Out

Relationships are tricky, and the bumpy road of love often leaves people with flat tires and broken hearts.

And I'm not just talking about junior high crushes and college loves- but friendships that take confusing turns, and family relationships that threaten to crumble.

But babies come into this world having this whole relationship seriously figured out. They're masters before they can even talk.

Last night was your first night at small group Claire- and you were a star. We couldn't have been more proud. You were quiet and awake, watching everyone. When you fussed, we quietly nursed and then you got passed around. We beamed at our little extrovert girl. We put you gently in your car seat and drove quietly home whispering in hushed tones about who you are, how great you are and how wonderful you will be.

We got home and you really kicked the fussing up- so I nursed again and you fell asleep so peacefully and perfectly. We both sat and stared and whispered more about the wonder that is you. I couldn't stand to sit you up and burp you for fear of breaking the beauty and peace of the moment.

We both quietly tiptoed you back to the nursery watching every flutter of your eye lid. And like a sleeping wise dragon one eyelid flung open and we made eye contact and I knew...

I knew that the battle was on.

A little smoke puffed out from your nostril as you steeled yourself with a furrowed brow and an ever growing bottom lip.

But still we ooh'd and ah'd. Because we're fools for you.

In the nursery daddy was turning down the lights and tiptoeing around, as I was now singing softly and then it happened...

The rumble..

Quickly proceeded by the spewing warmth of milk all over my body. How can so much liquid be hidden in such a little warm vessel?

We were in shock, nursing towels flying, curdles falling.. whispered haste. And there amidst it all, were you, more peaceful than ever- smiling.

Yep little girl, I think you've pretty well gotten this whole thing figured out.

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