August 27, 2011

Six Weeks Old

Dear Baby Claire,

I sure do like spending time with you! We spend a lot of mommy-daughter time sitting like this...
You also like to go in your moby wrap. We went to the doctor in your moby wrap with your precious little head sticking out and you got a lot of "oohs" and "aahs". And that moby wrap is a life saver for a mommy who doesn't want to lug that car seat all over the place!

You're six weeks old now. You coo and make eye contact and look all around. You're fascinated with fans at this point and even cry if we turn off a light you're looking at. You now love music and will sit and kick and coo happily if there's a good tune on... for a little while.

As of last week my sneezes startle you to the point of a fit and tears! Oh dear! I hope this one passes.
We go on walks every morning and you love to move. You sit and quietly look out or you sleep. You can be pretty fussy and the only way we can calm you is to bounce you in the most uncomfortable position for us.

You LOVE morning time, you wake up and smile away. You always smile when your daddy comes home.

You've had several good nights where you'll sleep for 5 or more hours.. but then they're followed by cranky days and a few bad nights.

You eat well and you already weigh over 10 pounds!

We love you sooo much. As Jacob said, you're like having a new toy every single day.


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