August 9, 2011

Shade Chaser

I zig zag across the street. A woman on a mission. I pop wheelies and hop up on curbs.

Twenty steps on this side of the street. Off the curb. Straight across the street to walk 50 feet along the other side and so on.

In the early morning my strange antics are barely noticed. The occasional woman in her yard, moving a sprinkler and enjoying the city sanctioned "water time" doesn't linger long enough to question my sanity.

But today a woman in a mini-van sat for several minutes. And being a woman clutched by a greater calling I had no choice but to zig, and zag in front of her, like a confused drunk hearing voices. She at last rolled slowly by, no doubt confused and equally unreluctant to drive away without understanding what possessed me.

And I zigged and zagged regardless.  Playing a never ending game of tag with each tree and tall structure on the way, that may provide even a glimpse of shade. Waving even, once, then twice, then even a third time as she sat  at the stop sign staring .

Until I popped a wheelie up onto the next curb, and turned the corner and was gone.

All in the quest for shade. A moment of reprieve from the unbearable sun, which is too much for my baby- even at dawn.

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