August 19, 2011

Ramblings of a Five Week Old Mother

What you really need to be a mother?

and a heart...

I was so worried about what all I should get. In the end.. she hates this bouncy seat we just "had to get" and she will only sit in it for a maximun of 10 minutes. All of which Fuzz LOVES. He sits and stares at her the entire time.
They're already super buds. :)

We never use the crib. She hates it.

So far the pack-n-play has been sorely underused (but it gets more action than the crib).

And a hand me down cradle has been the most used item of all besides the hand me down changing table. Go figure!!

I'm loving all of the smiles I've been getting as payment and incentive to keep on working!

*While typing this post, with a precious little baby on my lap, we had our first official "diaper blow out"! Yikes!


kristi said...

have you tried a swing?

The Reeds said...

We were just discussing that we need one and that it was time. Then my mom called today and she bought one and is bringing it tomorrow. Perfect timing! :) Do you use a swing?

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

We didn't get a swing until around 6 weeks either when my mother in law came to visit and was surprised we didn't have one. Madeline liked it and it allowed me to get somethings done. I was wishing we had gotten it sooner. She may like hte bouncy seat when she's a little bit older. And Madeline HATED the pack n play- we didn't even try the crib until 5 months. So I had to put blankets under the sheet to soften the mattress for her. Then she felt all snuggly and secure. Not the safest thing for babies according to the experts, but it got her out of my arms all night. We still use blankets under her sheet in her crib.

Brittany said...

Hey! not sure If I have told you are not yet, but first, congrats on your sweet baby girl! second, she is precious! We are so happy for you guys! I love seeing all the sweet pics of her and hearing your stories. Hope you guys are doing well!

kristi said...

Hey Georgia! It's been a few days since I've checked your blog. Yes, we use the swing every day. It's the only way I can get Ben to take a nap while also taking care of Ethan. On a note of encouragement though, you'll use the bouncy seat soon. Ben just started to like his about a week ago.

Jay and Amy said...

That is truly all you need. We have become ridiculous in our need for baby "things" in our culture. But, don't give up on all those, because they do go through stages where one is good for now, but another is good for later. Zeb is my only baby that loves a bouncy seat at this young age, but it's the only place, including my own arms, that will make him stop crying sometimes. And the swing is just okay for him, but was a must for Jude and Audrey. It's funny, you just never know what you need until they get here.

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