July 13, 2011


Hello friends!

I was looking at the blog yesterday and had nearly forgotten the pregnancy ticker at the bottom.

You can say that again! Our little girl seems to like it right where she is. The house is in order, and I've been visiting a chiropractor after throwing out my back last week a bit. It's a bizarre feeling to have to wait and not know when things will start!

When this little bun decides to make an exit we will surely let you know! When I worry about details and am unsure of what is going on, my mom and dad tell me that my grandmother, who had 9 children, used to say, "God takes care of idiots and babies"... so either way I'm covered! 

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Oh I totally know what you're feeling! I did not like the waiting an waiting. I am holding out hope that you will go into labor on your own since I didn't get to! I really didn't like all the moms who were having their babies 2-3 weeks early! I am still trying to get those last five pounds off that I added those last few weeks. And.. just so you know... I believe you can stop counting weight gain at 40 weeks. I just ignored the last week. It wasn't fair in my opinion!

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