June 11, 2011

What Fills a Home

Dear Baby Girl,

We got this as a gift at a shower. When we moved into this home we had four suitcases and two dirty, beat up back packs that were covered in dirt from Karamoja, and smells from long bus rides to and from Kaabong. The house was big and empty. Closets that seemed like they would never fill.

Hearts that were equally as tattered and tired, and beat up from the long hard lonely miles they had covered.

Then people opened their hearts and gave. Showered us.

Our home filled up.

Our hearts over flowed.

We bought nothing. But out of the kindness of the hearts of many our mismatched and beautiful home took shape.

I eat my cereal in the morning, with baby mockingbirds cheeping outside the window. Desperate for their mama to come back and feed them. The daddy mockingbird leans perilously over the eave of the house watching them and momma. He seems helpless and perplexed.

The sun is warm, and dripping. Painting the world into hues it couldn't have imagined just ten dark minutes earlier.

As they cheep, I think of you, as the morning light comes through, and warmly lights this reminder.

Of what fills a home.

A heart.

Not the items...

But the love.

Loving you,
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