June 29, 2011

Keepin' it Cool- 39 weeks

Hi guys!
Well we are working on one of the hottest summers on records with over 20 days of over 100 degree weather.. That's hot!

So I've been a swollen little mess- and have spent a lot of time here...
It's been so wonderful! And when I get out of the pool... No swelling!

We have of course had a lot of baby on the brain. Here I am practicing. :)
Unfortunately- I somehow have managed to hurt my upper back (this happens pretty often for me)... so I may be visiting a chiropractor soon- unless the baby comes! YIKES!!!

And I got an exciting order in the mail!

Cloth diapers! I finally found some on sale and snatched them up. I just need to wash these and we're set to go! I have bought a wide variety for now- mainly snaps though these that were on sale are velcro or aplix. I've heard these don't manage wear and tear well, but they were a lot cheaper so we'll see.

I also invested in some Rock n Green detergent to get started. This is specifically for hard water- and we have hard water!

Then.. I used some receiving blankets to make cloth wipes.

I still need to sew the edges, but they're here and ready! I used a not too crafty method to cut them.. kleenex and paper clips.. This is what happens when an English teacher tries to transition into a home-diva!

Why use cloth wipes? I'm still deciding on the wet or dry system. I have a spray bottle prepped for the dry system but am open.

Have any of you used cloth wipes? What was your experience like?


Brandon and April said...

congrats yo!! on your BG dipes! yay!
my tip: line dry your aplix BG shells. I'm about to use our BG aplix dipes on their third booty and the aplix still holds like brand new because I've been line drying them for 3 years now. they don't stick to the laundry tabs during wash, but they hold great while they are being worn...and that's the important part. :)

I did a mixture of dry/wet cloth wipes. I used a spray bottle of water with a drop of baby soap and would spray it on a wipe and the booty to be wiped whenever it was changing time. love me some cloth wipes. just makes sense. :)

The Reeds said...

I'm so excited to get started! Did you a make your own cloth wipes or buy them? I also need help with the prewashing.. Agh! It's a big task to undertake!

Kristi said...

We use cloth wipes around here, of course :) I love them! as long as you have enough! We often run out since we added another baby. We just keep a covered pail of water and throw everything in that. It keeps washing simple, even without a washing machine!

The Reeds said...

Kristi, I always felt like I got my clothes cleaner over there without a machine. isn't that crazy? It was a good good day when I finally relinquished the hand washing myself. That made for tough long laundry days. And sheets became my nemesis!

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