June 22, 2011

38 weeks: Toe Thieves and sausage feet

 Question: Who took my feet and replaced them with shapeless sausages?

Give me back my toes!!! I liked my toes!

Yesterday a stranger said, "Hi. You're HUGE."

Ya think? Thanks stranger.

Friends have given me baby socks. A plethora of baby socks. Because according to people who have had babies before- apparently babies like socks. Who knew?

So I washed this whole gob of socks in a cute little mesh baggie I bought.
It kept erupting and releasing the socks.. So then I had to peel off little tiny baby socks from the side of my machine.

And afterwards...
I had these lonesters... 17 missing socks!! Please tell me these were missing matches before washing....

So what should I do with random baby socks without partners? Finger puppets?  Toe gloves?

I'm really asking for ideas. I hate throwing good things away.

(don't worry.. we've checked the machines and vents...)

Recently I'm craving peanut butter.. because apparently 35 plus pounds just isn't enough for me. I'm an over-achiever like that.

Also, I'm walking. I'm clocking in 17 minute miles. And I'm not kidding.




And insomnia has set in. I lay down and can't sleep for at least an hour. Then I read.. then I try to sleep again.. then I read... I can't believe this is happening to me!

And I officially struggle to get out of any seat. And don't even watch me put on my socks and shoes. It's an epic attempt that doesn't look pretty.

So that's us at 38 weeks! Within the next month we will have a baby... I can't wrap my brain around that...
footless and freaked out,

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