May 19, 2011

Unexpected Blessings: Student Baby Shower!

Unexpected Blessings...

The other day, a quiet and shy student handed me some onesies she had bought for me. They were not only adorable, but SO meaningful. Nothing is as humbling as receiving from other people, especially when they know they will get nothing in return, and when you know that it was such a sacrifice for them.

Then the next day, I came to school to find a bag on my desk with tissue paper in it... A shy student stood by watching me and then he quietly said, "It's from me Miss."

Melt. My. Heart.

He had bought me an array of little baby clothes.

Moments like those make it hard to believe I won't be in the classroom for a while. Moments like those are when you know you've been given the most unique and special job in the entire world to work with individuals in such a way where you can touch their lives and they can touch yours.

So THEN... The next day, I came to class, and all of one period got up all at once and WALKED out of the room!! I figured something was up so I didn't go into hyper psycho drive but kept working with a younger student who had come in for help... All of my class had gone across the hall to my colleague's room. When I went across and opened the door...


 I was literally FLOORED!!!! These guys had punch, enchiladas, fresh fruit (they KNEW how much I've been craving kiwis!!), chocolate cake, and more!! AND they had even gone to the mall and gotten me a DOOZIE (remember what that is and how much I LOOOOOVE them?)... There were decorations, balloons on the floor and the room was full of seniors!

Not only that... They gave me gifts. I was really truly stunned and humbled. I don't know how or when they managed- but they even had gone to BabiesRUs and everyone had chipped in and they got us a card and a VERY generous GIFT CARD... Again, I am beyond shocked and humbled. Two students also gave us gift bags full of baby clothes, complete with a stuffed little giraffe.

I couldn't take pictures b/c they're students and I don't feel that it's appropriate to post students here.. BUT, my words can't expressed how loved and humbled I felt!!!

What a total and complete blessing!!!!

I don't plan on students ever reading this blog, but if they did I would want them to know how overwhelmingly touched I am!

Thank you AMAZING STUDENTS, I will NEVER forget it!!!!

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Brandon and April said...

You are loved!!!!
Someday when your baby days are passed, I hope you get to return to the classroom. And Dear Lord, let it be before my kids are in high school. I'll move to your city just so you can teach them! :)

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