May 16, 2011

School Baby Shower!

The other night blogger was down, and I really wanted to throw some blogs up before the weekend got crazy. Blogging takes time, so I'm afraid I would rather err on the side of getting the info. out there, though imperfect, rather than waiting and letting it all build up.

So... Without further ado- My School Baby Shower!

(Everyone was already intent on the game and their cake.)

I have the best colleagues! I'll be so glad to stay home next year with the baby, but I will really miss getting to be a part of a team...

(I had a pictures of everyone but either blogger or my camera or my computer are being crazy and I can't find them... :(..)

We've been teasing people that we'll name our baby Honey Bea (totally kidding). So my colleagues even sent out adorable decorations of a shower for me and Honey Bea. I was a little worried I would get things monogrammed for Honey Bea. I think a few people were worried and we created quite a buzz. :)

(Here's my colleague Jamie W. who has to put up with me the most. Say a prayer for her if you will. She still has two weeks left of putting up with me!!)

We played games, had adorable gifts (with lots of ooing and ahing), had awesome snacks (these ladies rock!) AND...

Check out what my friend/colleague Jamie made...

GORGEOUS!!! I've been munching on the leftovers since then. (I'm in chubby pregnant heaven!)

Our student teachers came.. Thanks girls!!!! 

Dev'n on the right, totally saved me from being a complete mess during the surgery.. her start day was the day I went in the hospital. She was SUCH a trooper!

I don't know how humble you're supposed to be about showers, but I was SOOO excited all day that day, and sprang out of bed first thing in the morning like it was Christmas. I LOVED it!

Thanks friends!! Our baby is already so blessed!!

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Jen said...

How fun! That cake looks amazing!

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