May 2, 2011


I have a scar that is in the shape of a large backwards question mark without the bottom punctuation.

It is fresh and red and looks taxed and angry.

At first it crawled out of my belly button like a strange little serpent seeking refuge from its hiding place. Now it delicately curves in a high arch above and around my belly button. It has crept out as my belly button has crept into itself, ever shrinking.

Every day I rub bio oil into this scar patiently and obediently even though touching it feels like I imagine the sound of nails on a chalkboard would feel. And as I rub our little girl squirms underneath her protected layers.

During the day she rolls like a little seaweed inside of me. Sometimes strong firm flexes outward, like when I wake up and half stretch, half arch with one leg shooting straight out before I relax it again.

I imagine her little seaweed leg lengthening out as she pushes against the confines of her home-for-now. As she rolls and undulates inside, rubbing her arm or leg or back under my belly button, I feel her and rejoice at the life within me.

All the while cringing at the nails on the chalkboard a little rolling seaweed creates on the inside of a backwards question mark with no bottom punctuation.


Jen said...

Beautifully put! It won't be the first change your body makes from that precious little seaweed you're carrying! :)

Jef and Lauren said...

Amelia Seaweed Reed...kinda rolls off the tongue.

The Reeds said...

I can only imagine Jen!! And Lauren.. you're right... But I think we need to change the spelling up a bit.. Maybe, Ahmealia Ceewead to really throw off our critics. Always think of the critics, that's Being a Woman 101.

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