May 5, 2011

It's Cinco de Mayo!

It's Cinco de Mayo! Ole!

For some reason this day is special to me. While in Prague, my wonderful roomie (whom I miss) and I both had some roots back up in Texas, she even closer... much, much closer, to the Mexico border. So we each had a special, if not misguided, affection for Cinco de Mayo.

On that day we couldn't stop saying, "It's Cinco de Mayo!! Ole!" (Which makes no sense, as Ole is purely Spanish and not Mexican.. but I digress).

Then we would focus all of our efforts in finding one good Mexican meal in Prague. Yes there are Mexican restaurants, or at least a few, but... It was still a passionate pursuit to find something that seemed like that joyous Tex-Mex we both craved.

We ended up one year with a wonderful Math teacher friend who also had roots in Texas, eating at one of the two Mexican restaurants in Prague, in which our burrito, enchilada and fajita all mysteriously tasted the same, and that was... much like a SLOPPY JOE.

One of the joys of eating "Tex-Mex" overseas was also the expensive side dish of guacamole with ONE tortilla chip ceremoniously dipped in for effect. Mmm... Thank you. That ONE chip will go far amigo. Mucho farro as we say in my head.

So every Cinco de Mayo I want to yell at everyone, "It's Cinco de Mayo! Ole!!" In that spirit, from my bambino and me to you-  enjoy this day or I will personally come and force you to eat day old sloppy joe's stuffed into crusty tortillas. Ole!


Jorgea de Tejas

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