April 26, 2011

Turkish Cooking Competition: Food and Fun

Greetings Earthlings!

This last week was our last Turkish cooking class at the Turkish Raindrop house here in town, in which we actually cooked and were judged...

Boy were we ever judged!

We had to make a bulgar salad, not to be confused with a vulgar salad. We had missed this lesson so we were winging it.

We also made a fruit salad and my mom came to join our cooking team. We called ourselves the Terminators.
 My mom and Danica posing next to our delectable creation.
 Our delectable treat being scrutinized for not enough salt... Oops. Frankly we didn't see it sitting on the table until after.

Our fruit salad looked great. Way to go mom!

Until we saw the other entries that had made BOATS, complete with little toothpick oars and grapes for waves and little FRUIT PEOPLE.
Our entry is the simple plate on the right... Simple, humble little fruit salad.

Serious competition folks.
 The "Awesome" Team.
The "Winners" Team.
We missed Ginger and Kristin to round out our cooking team!

We then had some major grub, complete with potato pancakes, baklava, Turkish tea and more.

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