April 17, 2011


is so sweet. As we come into this busy season of spring it seems that life has exploded. So many expectations, get togethers, meetings etc. It's wonderful and overwhelming all at once. if there is any kind of overwhelming I'm willing to take it's so much fellowship.

It's been almost three years since we've been back in the states. Time has really flown and we've been incredibly blessed by community.

We've also been taking birth class.. so last Tuesday night I went to my own secret garden and "floated through the clouds".  It all sounds kind of crazy but I've been loving it! It's fun to prepare for baby girl as she's been regularly rolling around more in my tummy and making little (and not so little kicks). I still crave chocolate milk and kiwis and all things sweet. Sometimes she responds to J's voice which is incredibly sweet.

I'm still not tired and don't get sick (unless I don't eat). I don't have very crazy dreams (after the ones in the first trimester where the baby was an adorable African baby with foot long glossy hair sticking straight out from her bottom... so much so that she couldn't wear a diaper or sit on her rear.) Other than those dreams I've been fairy "normal".

My feet are swelling a lot and I have to sit often while teaching. The students are incredibly sweet and tell me to take breaks and get on to me for picking up heavy things or standing in chairs (to water the occasional plant or hang something up).

Not much else going on here. Sorry for the blogging hiatus! We were under the weather for about two weeks.

I just wanted to check in and say we're still kickin'!

Six more weeks of school. I'll miss the students but will love the lack of stress in that department.  So let the count down continue!


Jen said...

Community is sweet! I love it! Can't wait to see that baby girl!

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