April 22, 2011

Birth Class

Birth Class.

I've seen it in movies and have always wondered what it would be like.

We have loved it (or I have at least)! We've learned what to expect from pregnancy, labor, delivery, the first few weeks of baby, and next week will be breastfeeding.

But I think I may have a run for my money in who is getting the most out of it. When it came to "diapering" and swaddling your fake baby- I didn't even get a chance... Super dad beat me to it!

He loved our fake baby.

And for the record, she loved him.

 He's so used to me and my crazy camera, that even though I SNEAKILY took a picture of him swaddling the minute he turned and had a camera in his face, he didn't even FLINCH but posed with his "smug" expression.

I love it!


Jen said...

Love the pics of "super dad!" They didn't cover breast feeding in our birthing class. We took it with some friends who were expecting around the same time we were. It was a pretty fun(ny) experience to take it with people you know!

David and Sunshine Okken said...

Hello Georgia & Jacob! Congrats on your coming baby girl! It sounds like you are both doing well. Blessings, Sunshine & David

Christi said...

Your birth class looks much more interesting than mine. Ours was more of a labor and delivery class. I didn't make it to the breastfeeding class-the day I was supposed to go, I was feeding a one week old baby! You're smart to do it earlier than I did!!

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