April 27, 2011

Big Screen TV

Funny story.

There was once this couple who moved back to the U.S. after having lived without tv for many many years.

They had no tv and some people thought they were freaks, namely high school students who could not FATHOM that a person wouldn't have a tv. A friend gave this couple a small tv so they could at least watch the news. They got a few basic channels and watched PBS on this little tv.

Then they bought some raffle tickets to help support some friends moving to the Middle East and...

won a MASSIVE tv!!

This couple was in shock and giddy and confused all at the same time. They now can watch Globetrekker on the big screen and even play cd's and listen to music while they clean their house.

They are very happy. And ironically people don't think they are "weird" b/c at least now they have a "normal" (read: GINORMOUS)tv!

The End.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

seriously so glad y'all won it! :)

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