April 25, 2011

29 Weeks- Earl the Girl and Ready to Pop

The other day some students walked into class and a girl exclaimed, "I LOVE when you wear tight clothes! Then we can see your baby bump!"

Um.... NOT a phrase a teacher wants to hear... EVER.

I think it means it's time to retire this maternity outfit on that note.

So here I am in my "tight clothes" at 29 weeks, looking ready to pop!
Bye bye tight outfit! It was fun!

Baby girl has been moving a lot. I love it!

The students want me to name HER Carlos... They're soo funny. Har har guys.

So then the other day someone said jokingly "Earl". And I said, "You know.. Earl is kind of cute for a girl!"

Horror and outrage! Then my last class, full of 26 male athletes, acted appalled when I told them I was thinking of Earl for a girl (I jest of course).

They said, "Miss... make sure you discuss with US your final name BEFORE you settle on it.. Okay?"

And they were serious.

And made me promise.

Now they're really worried I'll make a horrible decision like Earl for a girl.


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