March 12, 2011

TGISB- Thank God it's Spring Break!

Today will be a little blast from the past!

I woke up this morning with the delicious knowledge that I could stay up late with no repercussions on Sunday night.

I'm officially an adult when this is what spring break means to me!

Last year at this time we were on a plane headed to Florida for our cruise. Where you'll remember I was complicated and had a blast with our friends Michelle and Dave from Canada, BUT I had mixed reviews.
You may remember that we went to Canada for Michelle and Dave's wedding in 2009. It was beautiful! Then March of 2010 we were on this cruise together.. and as of today they have a week old baby!

The spring break before that Hung lived with us and we had a "Staycation" and I took lots of pictures...
The year before that we were preparing to move away from Karamoja and it was "track season" in Kaabong schools, and we went to Timu for the first time with Terill and Amber.

The March before that we went to an annual meeting in Jinja Uganda and got treated to a "wedding" reception almost a year after the fact. It was awesome! And that's as far back as this blog goes.

I love blogging for the record it keeps for us! 

 The March before that (when there was no blog of course)... I was teaching in Prague and making wedding invitations with friends.

That April Jacob even got to come through and speak at my school Riverside (This is where Michelle and I taught together for 4 years!), about Karamoja. It was a long story and bizarre that he got to come due to a possible knee surgery. We had been engaged by that point for 4 glorious months and were pretty excited about it!

This spring break...  I'm here.

My feet are slightly swollen and my back has been aching. Friday was a long day.

It's all so glamorous.

I'm senior sponsor and Friday was full of making Who's Who ballots, voting, counting votes, and the normal teacher duties of a day (except thank God for a student teacher!! So I didn't have those normal duties!). I was on my feet ALL day and running all around. I got there early for my dreaded morning duties in the catacombs of the gym with the entire student body (it seems) yearning to stand at the door when the bells rings. Then I left school late.

The good news was that Ashley was singing at Stella's, a restaurant I love, so we met with friends and had bruschetta (which I always love), a salad and a glorious dessert (lemon berry mascarpone cake). And the awesome music in the background made me feel like, for one short moment, I was somewhere other than here.

So that made up for a long day and made for a VERY good start to spring break.

But my feet... I really thought I would "manage" not to swell. And then every day it's like an optical illusion where I look at my feet and wonder if I'm delusional or if they are indeed puffy.. Yesterday there was no doubt. Bummer!

One of my big hopes and passions for pregnancy was to have a babymoon. We had booked Puerto Rico and it fell through with the whole omentum ordeal. Then I set my sights on Spring Break. We would at least go to Dallas and stay in a hotel for a few days. And it didn't work out!

So for my last spring break as "not a mommy" and our last spring break as "singles" (no baby in tow), we'll be HERE. Agh! But I'm sure it will be great.

I'm sure it will be wonderful.

And I'm sure I won't spend the whole time obsessing about my feet.

I hope you have a memorable week!

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