March 20, 2011

Spring Break "Staycation" 2011 Recap

Spring Break  "Staycation" 2011 has ended with the most relaxing Sabbath ever.

We worked h.a.r.d. on Saturday and I believe I heard the house sigh in ecstasy as the carpets were steam cleaned, nooks and crannies mopped and swept and every piece of furniture moved for some serious spring cleaning. A clean house is awesome!

So we were both seriously looking forward to Sunday. Church  was refreshing and challenging as always and we came home to grill. I'll let the pictures speak (mainly) for themselves.

The grub.
 I see green grass coming!
Turkey burgers! I made Southwest Turkey burgers from, and honey bbq turkey burgers (which J liked more). Salad, and fruit salad (I cannot get enough kiwis while pregnant!).

The reading.
Bible (Navpress Bible in a Year reading plan), David Platt's Radical, and Henci Goer's "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth".

The chimes.

The snacks.
A Lindt chocolate 'carrot', peanut butter eggs, and an ice cream sandwich. Perfect for a warm day.

This "Staycation" was wonderful because we were able to be so productive. We completed our taxes, looked at our budget for the upcoming year, bought a crib (reason for looking at budget: Baby Reed!), finished painting her room, and read a lot!

Baby News:
Speaking of Baby Reed- she is definitely developing reflexes! The other night Jacob turned over before we went to sleep and patted my hip and she kicked instantly! He patted me again and she kicked again!

Then the next day we had been taking a break and I came over by Jacob just as he started the vaccuum and she kicked immediately!

Somehow that made us really happy. So she startles easily... This could mean she's like me (Jacob scares me accidentally maybe 3 or 4 times a month), or like Jacob- he doesn't like loud noises!

No jokes please on how he ended up with me. :)

I took this picture and as soon as I snapped it I couldn't stop laughing.
Niiicee.... classy.
*Note. I laughed so loud and went inside to show J. She immediately quit what she was doing and ran away into her house. I came back out and she wouldn't come to me or wag her tail. :( She was embarrassed. Poor girl.

Here's to hoping you feel productive too and to our LAST spring break as a unit of two,

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Jay and Amy said...

Isn't Radical, well, I can't really think of a word to describe it. It has changed my life.

Anyway, on the diapers, I can really do whatever you want.
I prefer the one size, with an insert. I was going to do microfiber inserts.
But, I can do newborns, or an all in one. I just don't think a sewn in insert is as good as one you can dump out.
Or, I can send you a sampler package, with all in one, newborns, one size, and one with an insert. Then you can try them all and see which ones you like. The ones you don't want, you can send back, keep them all and get more of your favorite, or something like that.

I like the one size because whenyou pay that much for soemthing, it's nice to use it all the way through, till potty training. And they aren't bulky on newborns.

I'll get a couple made up, send you some pics, and you can tell me what you'd like to try.

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