March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

It still hurts to take in deep breaths but the pain isn't as bad as it was.  I hope it goes away entirely.. or that I will just have normal heartburn or heck.. even normal acid reflux. No more weird stuff body! (That's me talking to my body).

But where was I?

Oh yes...

Spring break.


I'm currently looking into:

Cloth diapers, April wrote a great post on cloth diapers.

Doulas, like these.

and registering, (even for cloth diapers)!

This getting ready for baby business is really tiring!


Jenifer said...

Okay, I'm going to ask what I consider an obvious question: YOU'VE CALLED YOUR DOCTOR, RIGHT? You're not just hoping and wishing? Take care of yourself, friend!!
Much love,

Brandon and April said...

ok...update about the pain. and of course, what your doctor says. hoping you are feeling better quickly!

and YAY! cloth diapers!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Do you know about Cotton Babies' Seconds Sales? I'm not sure how often they have them, but the diapers are then about $12 instead of $17.95.

"Seconds" doesn't mean second-hand, just that that diaper has some small flaw. I have never been able to find the flaw in ours and neither have friends of mine. Since you're in no giant hurry, you could save lots if you watch for the seconds sale.

That's all. :)

The Reeds said...

Great advice Lindsey!

And thanks for the concern. I really am feeling better now! I see the doctor next week. I just want July to come quickly!

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