March 16, 2011

Showers of Love: Thoughts on Baby Planning

Planning for a baby feels like planning for my wedding.


In other words, I feel totally inadequate and unprepared. I think to myself maybe five times a day, "Am I doing this right?"

Take registering (for gifts for your baby shower- a typical American activity)... Where do I register? Am I registering for the right things? Will people think I'm greedy?

How many people do I invite to a shower? Do I really need all of this?

Will this cookie double doozie kill me?

Am I making my baby a shuga-holic sugar addict before she even has a chance?

These are the deep questions that plague my pregnant brain.

When I know that really only society tells me I need all of these things... when I can live with so much less.

Babies just need a safe place, love and some good eats.

And no doozies.

To help myself cope, today was a stay home and clean day.

Piles of laundry, dusting crevices, and the whole lot. I always feel better after a good cleaning.

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