March 10, 2011

Room 213

We're only days away from spring break.

The excitement is palpable in the air.

Today, here are some things I've heard in my room:

Scenario 1

Upon entrance.. Shock. "Daaa--aaanng.. You're like so big! You grew overnight."
Murmurs of agreement from the class.


Scenario 2

At end of day: "Miss, you look good today."
Me: "Why thank you!"
Her: "You look good in color."
Me: "Thank you...."
Her: "You should really wear color more often..."
Me: "Thanks...(I think)"
Her: "You had on all one color the other day and it didn't look good."
Me: "Oh. Thanks for your input. I'll take that to heart!"
Her: "Really Miss.. You didn't look good. You looked all sad."
Me: "Maybe I WAS all sad!"
Her, laughing: "I'm just saying you didn't look good! You looked SAD!"
Me, laughing-ish: "Maybe I had been crying all day!"
Her: "I'm just saying you didn't look good and you should wear more color."
Me: Goes and sits down.

Scenario 3

Random students gathered at door before bell (as I was corralling them back to their seats).

RS= Random Student

RS 1: I just saw your baby kick!
Me  (doubting this but humoring them I look down in mock drama): I want to see it too!
RS 1, 2 and 3 now staring at stomach
RS 1: I just saw it again!! It's kicking there!
Crowd grows.
RS 4, pointing dangerously close to belly button: I see your belly button!
RS 5: You're such a tiny big pregnant person.
Me: Really??!! (genuinely thrilled and looking at my tiny huge self)
RS 6 seems to suddenly appear at my left side: You're scarred for life.
Me, still revelling in tiny huge self.
RS 1-6: nod and giggle in agreement.
Me, finally registering comment: What do you mean scarred for life?? Like my body will never be the same again???

RS 1-9 (crowd growing as I'm losing the battle to win control of the door) all nod in knowing agreement at what I'm obviously too stupid to grasp..


Jackson4 said...

Oh, you never fail to crack me up with your classroom stories. I love it!!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Aren't teenagers SO nice to tell you what they think? No filter in their brains... Gotta love it. Enjoy your Spring break for me! I still have 5 weeks til mine! How will I survive! And you are not scarred and you are cute with your tiny huge self!

At least it's teenagers making comments to you. When I was pregnant the custodian- a grown adult mind you- would be the one to sya, "Wow, you're really getting big!" That's what I want to hear!!!

Jay and Amy said...

To make you feel better, I have a very trendy, knows how to do fashion kind of friend, and she told me going monocromatic is good for anyone and is very flattering.
So I say, keep it simple and don't listen to them. I bet you looked gorgeous that day!

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