March 31, 2011

Plugged in: The End of a Media Fast

What a busy week it has been!

Saturday I went to a Turkish cooking class with friends, and a "Baby Momma" group with other first time moms from church, then of course prom... Sunday was a day of rest, then LIFE CAME HURDLING AT ME (all while "unplugging" and fasting from media).

So what did I gather from my time of being unplugged? I'm going to chew on it for a day or two more before I share.

Wednesday was another doctor's appointment! It was so exciting since lately Baby Reed/Honey Bea :) has been moving a lot.. not even all jerky kicks or punches, but like rolling undulations.. I picture here in there slowly flipping around, or stretching out to her full length like a cat in the morning. It's so neat to feel!

So getting to "see" her again was really fun...

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