March 18, 2011

"Picture Perfect" Day

Sometimes being home is the perfect vacation.

The weather is simply amazing here right now! We've got our doors and windows open and the birds are chirping. The sun is shining and it's a "park" kind of day!

If only Texas weather would stay like this all summer... Right now it's perrrrrfect.

Have I ever mentioned that spring is my all time favorite time of year??

I love it!
I just LOVE this picture of Fuzz! That's how I feel right now... No worries man!

Jacob got off work early today and we met for a "date" to grocery shop in the middle of the afternoon! It was so stress free!

I'm telling people that I'm on a beach "in my head" this spring break. I am reading, resting and relaxing like I would on a beach- with the added benefits of no sun damage and no stress of travel!

Places I'm "going" in my head- Flashback Fun: 

A view from Paraa Lodge at Murchison Falls Game Park, Uganda.. One of the biggest splurges and all time relaxing getaways for us.

AND I could get a few things done (like interview another doula, complete our taxes and clean).

You know I'm totally relaxed when I start to read, write and take pictures...  

Ta-da! All three are happening right now!

Remember when my new lens came in the mail last spring? I was thrilled!

Well something else came in the mail and I'm equally thrilled!

I have followed Me Ra Koh's blog for a year or two and love her photography. She is SO encouraging and laid back. She focuses on why capturing life is so important and encourages everyone to do it- even if you're not a professional.. like me! So when I saw that she had a book coming out I preordered and got it on it's release date!

I'm so excited! I'm reading it RIGHT NOW on my PRETEND BEACH!

If you have a baby I HIGHLY recommend it (being on a pretend beach AND the book). It gives you access to videos online to help explain concepts.

Now we just need a baby to take pictures of!!!

Here's to enjoying being on the beach (in your head!)


Misti said...

Georgia, I've been thinking of you every day since Sunday, remembering you suddenly sometime in my with a pang of adrenaline wondering how you are, and the baby? It's been a crazy week and I'm just now back to your blog, and so re-leaved to see your happy fun posts. Glad you are enjoying Spring Break. I had forgotten that's what this is for many.

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that book! Buying right now! I take the WORST pictures of Madeline! Thanks for the info. I may actually be on a beach for my Spring Break to read it. (Although I have a feeling there won't be much time for reading.)

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