March 14, 2011

Omentum Girl!!

In honor of spring break I will post often.
And will look through pictures and wish I were elsewhere...

Like in the Caribbean snorkelling...
Meanwhile on the homefront:

I am not hurting right now at all! Praise the Lord. Thanks for all of your concern.

Tonight we met with friends at a Chinese restaurant in town, as we were leaving Jacob said, "That's Dr. ------, your surgeon!" And sure enough it was.

So being the not-awkward one I am I walk up to her and do the strange, bend over and smile and turn the head to the side in a "do I know you?" kind of way and as she raised her eyebrows in recognition (or preparing to swing her purse at the freak) I say...

And I quote.

"It's ME! Omentum Girl!"

Then the light bulb clicked on and she said, "Omentum Girl!!! How are you?!"

So yes... I'm a social freak (who no longer needs a name) in multiple arenas of life. But most of you already know that.

She even joked that I should get a cape and put a big OG on it for Omentum Girl, then proceeded to explain to her daughter how strange the whole omentum deal was.

My surgeon y'all...

Explaining how weird the whole ordeal was... At a Chinese restaurant.


Tomorrow I have appointments to meet with two doulas and I'm pretty excited to talk about possibilities. Of course the next logical step is to talk with my doctor and make sure it's okay with her.. But who would say no to OG (Omentum Girl.. remember?)?

Doula.. I feel like the entire concept may be so new to some people... I still envision Paul Abdul each time I say it.. in a towelette on her head... because for some odd reason I imagine a "doula" is a thing you use to tie your hair up after a shower...

But shhh... Let's not tell the doulas that.


Nakuwam said...

Dear OG,

I love the fact that you're not 'normal' makes me feel a little better. :)

I also fully support you harassing your doctors and knocking down their doors about this pain. Better to be a bit annoying and get to the bottom of the problem than to live with pain for no reason. It's their job to solve your problems!

I'll email you soon.

Love ya!

Jay and Amy said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear how your appt.'s go. If your doctor's not okay, tell her/him to get over it, it's your birth experience, (which you only get one shot at) not hers! =)

Jay and Amy said...

On the cloth diapers, check with me before you order any.
I really like BUm Genius, All in one, one size... so, I am making some for myself instead of paying $20 a diaper (which I can't afford when I really want 20 or 30 diapers).
Anyway, my mother and I decided we would start making them and selling them lots cheaper, to make a little extra cash.
Then I heard from some missionary friends who just lost ALOT of their support, and are struggling to make ends meet. As I prayed and told God I wished I could help them, He said, YOU CAN! Sell diapers for missionaries!
So, long story short, I am perfectomg the AIO, one size with snaps, diaper, like the Bum Genius brand, and sell them. All my proceeds will go to missionaries. Or to make diapers at no or very little cost FOR missionaries.
So, if you are interested, let me know and I can send you a diaper sample or something.
We are thinking right now, not set in stone, but $10 a diaper.

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