March 30, 2011

Media Fast Day 3: Unplugged

It's Wednesday you guys! That's "hump" day and the week moves pretty fast from here.

Are you ready for the weekend to fly at you already?

I'm actually not sure I am!

I have A LOT I want to accomplish.

This is my last week of a full student teacher. Wah! I'm so sad! I've been so greatly blessed to be able to be off my feet since the surgery. It's been a HUGE help. H.U.G.E.

But as of Monday I'm back in the ballgame (though "Honey Bea" demands I sit more often anyway).

And in case you've missed it, we're not really planning on naming our baby Honey Bea, though it does get a good giggle from the students- WHO lately have told me....

*Listen to AC/DC music and she'll come out with a mullet!
*You're blossoming! I've never seen anyone eat that much or grow that fast!
*(looking at my photo ID on my shirt) You look different... You're face has really filled out.

Yes, my darlings, thank you for ALL of the votes of confidence!

My big goal for this week? Plan as much of graduation as I can before I have to start teaching again full time (I'm senior sponsor)...

The prayer focus for today:

Read John 15:9-11

*Thank God for his love displayed upon the cross.
*Pray that His joy and love are made complete in you.

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