March 28, 2011

Hold Fast to a Media Fast!

Good morning all!

One reason why church is so great is the abundance of ADORABLE babies to hold and see!!

 Baby Brighton was shocked to find an adult 
with his same spectacular fashion sense.

Isn't he a cutie? :)  (You may recall that his dad went to Karamoja this summer, while mom stayed behind baking this little bun!)

And church is great for many other reasons as well! 

Church this Sunday was stellar. The message was on the grace of God (Romans 3). It was really good. You should go listen to it here, (Law and Order- March 27, 2011)  or read it here.

And of course worship was great. It's always great. And I wish that our friends overseas who don't have an active church family could share in it with us. I'm always thinking of them (you) while there...

This Wednesday night we're not having our normal small group/gospel community but we're having an evening of prayer. Most people will be fasting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leading up the prayer.

I will not be fasting from food but from being "plugged in" after school. No facebook, no blog reading etc.

I may have a few "pre made" posts for you here. But I'll be spending time in prayer.

Monday's Prayer Focus:

Read John 15:1-4

*Acknowledge that God the Father is the source of life and that because of Jesus you are right with Him.
*Reflect upon the areas of your life where He is working to prune and bring about fruit.
*Pray that by His grace and by His Holy Spirit your life will bear fruit for His glory.

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